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Overcoming Objections – Is that a NO… or a need to KNOW?

by Mike Phillips

For anyone in sales, any sort of sales, anywhere – you’ve encountered objections.  Anything from a small “no,” to the big, “I’m not buying your product,” every salesperson has had to work with prospect and customer objections.  So let’s talk today about how to isolate and overcome customer objections. First, we need to define an […]

Step 1. Sell you… on you.

by Mike Phillips

If you are in sales, most likely you’ve taken the time to learn all of the necessary mechanics, sales procedures, proper process, closing techniques and good follow up skills.  There is one final, or maybe not so final step… in fact in my opinion, this should be step one!  You have to be sold on […]

Take action now! Be consistent, hit your goals!

by Mike Phillips

Action is an amazing thing, no matter what needs to get done, nothing happens unless as individuals we DO IT.  Nike, the shoe company, has their entire business built on the slogan, ” JUST DO IT!”  Remember that anything that has ever come into being, especially anything of worth started out as an idea, a […]

Welcome to Lead The Team!

by Mike Phillips

Welcome to the Lead The Team blog postings.  I will be exploring as many possible aspects of sales, motivation, relationships and leadership.  These things require specific skill-sets, on their own… and they are all intertwined with one another. Know this… you can’t be burnt out in life if you’ve never been “on fire.” Get ready […]